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Endowment Funds

An Endowment Fund is a permanent fund established by a Community Foundation.  Only the income from the Endowment can be used; the principal of the fund cannot be touched.  Endowment funds, therefore, enhance life in the Shelby Township Community and have a lasting effect now and for future generations.  FOR GOOD: FOREVER!

The Shelby Community Foundation has established several Endowment Funds:

  • SCF Endowment Fund: The SCF Endowment Fund is used for general community needs.  The income from this fund helps operate the Foundation and has financed projects for the Shelby Art Fair, Burgess Shadbush Nature Center, the Shelby Township Library, Heritage Gardens and much more.  Its use is wide-ranging.
  • Scholarship Endowment Fund: This Endowment Fund provides college and skilled training school scholarships to deserving high school seniors from Shelby Township.  Student applicants are considered using criteria in the areas of financial need, academic success, and community involvement.
  • Healthy Futures Endowment Fund: This Endowment Fund focuses on funding projects for senior citizens and youth in Shelby Township.  It has funded the DARE Program, the Senior Chore program, CPR programs, Science Olympiad, Destination Imagination, among others.

These Endowment Funds were established by people and organizations in our Community:

  •  Jamies Smiles Endowment Fund: Provides funds to benefit children with special needs and their families.
  • Jameson Bates Memorial Scholarship Fund: Funds scholarships for students studying in the medical field.
  • In Memory of John A. Brown Fund: Assists individuals with shooting competition costs.
  • Shelby-Macomb Daybreakers Kiwanis Endowment Fund: Provides “forever” funding for Kiwanis programs.